TopTechnical DictionaryConfiguring the operation modes of APTI camera with GEMINI TECHNOLOGY recorders.

Configuring the operation modes of APTI camera with GEMINI TECHNOLOGY recorders.

Select a compatible mode when connecting the IP cameras to GEMINI TECHNOLOGY recorders. The operation modes determine the maximum stream resolution of the cameras (both main and auxiliary) that can be connected to the recorder.


If the resolution is exceeded, the recorder will not display the image from the camera. A video signal error message will be displayed indicating that the resolution is too high.


The example shows a configuration of APTI cameras with GT recorders. Before purchase, make sure the recorder will support the required number of cameras at a required resolution. The parameter is always included in the specification on our website.


Example (FLEX-1643) recorder operation modes:


Firmware V4.0[20151112]
25 x Main stream (1280 x 960) + 25 x Sub stream (720 x 576) + 8 Channels played simultaneously
16 x Main stream (2048 x 1536) + 16 x Sub stream (960 x 576) + 4 Channels played simultaneously
9 x Main stream (2592 x 1944) + 9 x Sub stream (960 x 576) + 1 Channel played simultaneously

APTI cameras can operate at different resolutions depending on the camera series and firmware version. The parameters defining the camera modes are included in the specification.


Example APTI-14C2-36W:


The main and sub streams can only occur in the configurations shown below
Firmware 3518C+IMX225_X_5.1.17.5
Main stream 1280 x 960 + Sub stream 720 x 480
Main stream 1280 x 960 + Sub stream 640 x 360
Main stream 1280 x 720 + Sub stream 720 x 480
Main stream 1280 x 720 + Sub stream 640 x 360

To set the operation mode of the recorder, open the context menu, right click and select setting (system configuration).


On the screen device → device info (device → general settings) select stream type (operation mode).


Example shows 8x[1920*1080] + sub[640*480] mode, which means that the recorder will decode the image from eight cameras with a maximum main stream resolution of 1920x1080 and auxiliary stream resolution of up to 640x480. The operation mode also defines the maximum number of simultaneously broadcast channels. In this case, those are eight cameras (auxiliary stream) or one camera (main stream).


Click save (save) on the right side of the top bar to confirm.


Configure the camera resolution after setting the recorder mode. Log in to the camera via internet browser. Select setting (camera settings). On the displayed screen select codec (codec). Select the mode in which the stream resolution does not exceed the resolution set in the recorder. In this case it is 1920x1080 for the main stream and 640x360 for the auxiliary stream.


Press OK to confirm the selected mode.


With those settings, the video from the camera will be displayed by the recorder.