§1 General provisions


1. DELTA-PAY is a loyalty programme of DELTA-OPTI with its seat in Poznań at ul. Graniczna 10.

2. The Programme consists in the promotion of sales of products in the and stores

3. The Programme starts on 16.04.2018. The organiser shall have the right to end the Programme at any time without stating reasons.

4. The program is intended for retail customers and installers with wholesale status registered in the store: and

5. The Organiser shall reserve the right to amend the Terms and Conditions. Any amendments to the Terms and Conditions shall be announced 14 days in advance on the and websites

§2 Definitions


1. Terms and Conditions - these terms and conditions of the DELTA-PAY Loyalty Programme

2. Programme - the DELTA-PAY Loyalty Programme

3. Products - goods available at the and websites

4. Organiser - DELTA-OPTI with its seat in Poznań at ul. Graniczna 10

5. Participant - means a retail customer and with wholesale status registered on the website or

6. Account - an individual account kept in an electronic system where a Member’s points are collected.

7. Rewards - goods which can be purchased with points during the Programme.

§3 Programme rules


1. Every Member may purchase Products and collect points. The number of points is specified in the product sheet. The collected points are registered on the Member’s account.

2. Members may receive Rewards from the Reward Catalogue in exchange for points.

3. A Member may receive more than one Reward, depending on his account balance during the Programme.

4. Points may be redeemed after the end of a calendar month.

5. Individual months can be combined.

6. Only total points for a specific month(s) may be selected for exchange.

7. Points not exchanged for Rewards in the given calendar year will be added to the total number of points which may be exchanged for rewards within 2 years of their reception. Any points remaining after the above period are lost.

§4 Rewards


1. The Reward Catalogue is available at:

2. The point amounts specified in the Reward Catalogue are subject to change. The current value of a Reward in points to be exchanged for is provided by the Organiser at and

3. To receive a Reward, a Member must meet the following conditions:
a) Have an appropriate amount of points.
b) Specify the selected rewards in order correspondence or by email.

4. The number of points required for the selected Reward is deducted from the given Member’s account balance. As soon as the points for the Reward are deducted from the Member’s account balance, no changes may be made to the Reward order confirming the deduction of points.

5. After selecting months and reward(s), all leftover points from the indicated months are removed.

6. The selection of Rewards available in the Reward Catalogue is subject to change. The Organiser shall reserve the right to replace Rewards at any time.

7. Rewards cannot be exchanged for cash equivalents, returned for points or exchanged for other Rewards.

8. The Organiser shall not be held responsible for the quality and usefulness of Rewards (including under warranty for items considered rewards). This responsibility rests with the person providing the warranty (manufacturer, distributor, seller).

9. After the Programme ends, the Organiser shall close the Members’ accounts, and any leftover points not exchanged for Rewards shall be lost.

§5 Receiving the rewards


1. Rewards shall be delivered to a Member within 7 days from the date of receiving the information on reward selection.

2. Rewards may be collected in person at the company’s seat or added to the next Internet order.

3. The Organiser shall not be held responsible for the Members being unable to collect their Rewards for reasons attributable to the Members.

4. In order to avoid any doubts concerning the purchase of Products, the Organiser shall have the right to withhold the delivery of the Reward. If the delivery of the Reward is unduly withheld, the Organiser shall not be obliged to pay any compensation.

5. All cases not regulated herein shall be governed by the Polish Civil Code.

6. These Terms and Conditions shall enter force on 16.04.2018.